What is NodeNet?

NodeNet is a new, innovative program that allows users to ‘sublet’ part of their Internet connection in exchange for compensation.

How does the NodeNet box work?

The technology behind NodeNet allows users to access your Internet connection from other regions. By funnelling certain channels through your NodeNet box and your connection, users will have access to content they would otherwise be unable to see.

Why would someone need to access my connection?

People around the world do not have access to the same online content you do based on where they live. Our program helps those people view the same content you do, without having to physically move to your region.

Who will have access to my NodeNet connection?

A select number of users from around the world will have access to your connection through the NodeNet box.

How are you able to support the NodeNet program?

In order to provide our global users with a reliable and secure service, we pay our NodeNets to support them.

Is NodeNet safe to setup?

Yes, the safety of our users and NodeNet connections was a top priority in creating the NodeNet box.

Will my connection be secure once NodeNet is installed?

NodeNet was created with numerous security measures to ensure your connection is safe and secure. At no point will your home content be available to anyone besides you. Unlike subletting your home, subletting your Internet connection still allows complete privacy.

Is NodeNet legal?

Yes, NodeNet is a legal program. Our privacy policy and terms of service outline any policies involved in NodeNet.

How do I install NodeNet?

Installing your NodeNet box couldn’t be easier! Follow the instructions below for simple, yet detailed instructions to start earning every month. Remember, in order to receive your full monthly payout, you must keep your NodeNet box connected at all times. See “Payments” for more information.

Click here to download the PDF instruction sheet.

What do I need to install the NodeNet box?

An open ethernet port on your Wifi router is all that you need to setup the NodeNet box. All hardware required will be sent with your order, along with instructions.

How will I be paid?

You will be paid a monthly amount of $25.00 USD if your connection is available 95-100% of the month. Your earnings will accumulate in your NodeNet bank, and you may claim your earnings once you have hit the minimum withdrawal amount of $50.00. This withdrawal will be sent to your preferred method of payment.

What method of payment options do you support?

You may add your PayPal email to receive money to your PayPal account, or you may enter your VISA debit card information to be paid directly to your bank account!

Why is my account showing no earnings for the last month?

In order to receive your full monthly payment from NodeNet, your connection must be available 95% of the month. We allow a 5% grace period for downtime to account for unforeseen incidents, such as a power outage. If your NodeNet connection is available for less than 95% of the month, you will receive a smaller payment. Please see below for more information.


If your connection is available 95-100% of the month, your payment will be: $25.00 USD

If your connection is available 85-94% of the month, your payment will be: $10.00 USD

If your connection is available less than 85% of the month, your payment will be: $0.00 USD