Simple Setup

Did you know you can “sublet” part of your Internet connection and earn as much as $25 each and every month?
Start earning as a Node, just follow these 3 steps!


1 Join NodeNet and enter your credentials to receive your free NodeNet Box (Min. 50mbps up required).

2 Once you receive your NodeNet Box in the mail, plug it in to your router and a power source.

3 Enjoy earnings of $25/month as long as your NodeNet Box connection remains active.

How It Works

NodeNet was created as a new, innovative VPN technology, that connects users around the world together.  Your connection will need to be enabled 24/7 in order to get the full benefits of NodeNet. As long as your connection is active, you will earn $25/month!

Technical Requirements

  • Minimum 50mbps upstream connection
  • 24/7/365 service availability
  • United States only


Rest assured that our NodeNet I.T. team works around the clock to keep your connection completely secure.


Passively earn $25/month of extra income simply by sharing your internet connection!

Plug and Play

Once you plug the NodeNet Box into your router, it automatically analyzes your internet connection speed and starts working! No need for any additional steps.