Simply download NodeNet and start earning

Did you know you can “sublet” part of your Internet connection and earn as much as $100 each and every month?  Welcome to the NodeNet revolution!

For a limited time only, get a $25 signup bonus with qualifying signups!

The NodeNet program was created with three core ideas in mind:

You choose when and how to share your connection.  You are in complete control of your node.
Your connection is completely secure.  Rest assured that security is NodeNet’s #1 priority.
Passively earn up to $100/month of extra income simply by sharing your internet connection!

How It Works

NodeNet was created as a new, innovative VPN technology, that connects users around the world together.  Your connection will only be shared when you choose to share it. Whether you prefer to enable NodeNet only at night, or connect all the time to maximize your earnings, it’s all up to you.

After installing the NodeNet software you will be paid while you’re online at a rate of $0.0325 per upstream megabit per day. So for a 50mbps upstream connection you can earn $50 per month if you’re running NodeNet 24/7!


“Sublet” part of your internet connection and get paid monthly.


Simply install NodeNet software, and you’ll begin earning every month.

Simple Setup

You can start earning as a Node in as little as 5 minutes.  All it takes is a few clicks!

  1. Join NodeNet and install the software on your computer
  2. NodeNet will detect your potential earnings by analyzing your Internet speed
  3. Choose when to share your connection and enjoy your earnings every month

Get Your $25 Signup Bonus

Be one of the first qualifying 500 NodeNet signups, and receive a $25 signup bonus as part of the exclusive NodeKnight program!

If you meet the NodeKnight requirements, you will automatically receive a $25 bonus credit to your NodeNet account upon joining, and will be automatically enrolled to be a part of the exclusive NodeKnights group.  NodeKnights are guaranteed the highest monthly payouts, will receive double payouts every six months, and be able to access exclusive NodeKnight features and perks.

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NodeKnight Requirements
  • Gigabit High-speed Internet (Google Fiber, Fibe, etc.)
  • 24/7/365 Service Availability
  • Uninterrupted Connection
  • United States Only

You’re In Control

If you wish to turn off NodeNet and stop sharing your connection, you may do so at anytime. Simply disable the NodeNet program to stop sharing your connection. But remember, you only earn while your NodeNet connection is active!

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